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mediaimg2Single Stream + Glass
This orientation video describes the benefits of a regionally owned Single Stream + Glass recycling system, and why local governments should consider investing in the infrastructure.
Time (10 min.)

Garbage for Sale
This childrens video describes the good and bad decisions we can make about waste disposal, how our environment is affected by our decisions, and what types of waste can be recycled.
Time (10 min.)

Your Trash Your Cash (Single Stream + Glass Walkthrough)
This step by step walkthrough demonstrates the technology being used by Single Stream + Glass systems.
Time (7 min.)

mediaimg5The Recycling Center (RCC)
This video describes the RCC benefits and how local communities, schools, fire departments, and other entities can profit by participating in collective recycling while also protecting the environment.
Time (5 min.)

mediaimg6Rural Initiative
This video describes The BRRC's Rural Initiative.  A program that allows rural areas to develop recycling systems by combining their resources and use of the RCCs.
Time (10 min.)


For more information, contact The BRRC:
Telephone: 859-626-9117

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